Why an Independent Agent

Saves Time

We will do the “homework” for you. No more searching for hours looking for the best deals. We understand the insurance industry and which companies offer specific coverage types. Why waste your time when you can have someone search for you at no additional charge?

Offers More Choices

When you use a single insurance company, you can only choose between the policies they offer. However, an independent insurance agent has access to many companies and options. This makes it possible to personalize your coverage for your specific needs.

Offers Expert, Unbiased Advice

We know the industry, understand policy language, and follow recent trends. We simplify the buying process, provide expert advice, and help you minimize your risk. We are also available to answer your questions, clarify grey areas, and follow best practices for optimal

It’s a Long-Term Relationship

When you work with us, you forge a long-term relationship. It’s not a matter of just buying a policy and renewing each year. We get to know you and your insurance needs, which often change. We are there for you when your child starts to drive or heads off to college, when you decide to start a business, and when you buy or sell your home. We don’t recommend generic, broad coverage policies, but policies specifically suited to you and your changing needs.


Your independent insurance agent actively looks for ways to save you money, while providing the best possible coverage. Many insurance discounts exist, but insurance companies don’t always apply them automatically. Since your independent insurance agent knows about your life, they’re also aware when you qualify for potential discounts.

Assists with Claims

A very strong advantage of working with an independent insurance agent is that they’re on your side if you need to make a claim. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out more than necessary, but your agent can help you through the claims process for a fair settlement. Since they work in the industry, they speak the same language as an insurance adjuster and know the paperwork.

Buying insurance based solely on price doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting what you need. An independent insurance agent has access to many products and insurers and can often match or beat online premiums, and with superior coverage. Since they offer their services at no additional charge, why not take advantage of their expertise?

At People First Insurance Group, our agents are ready to help you review your existing coverage or provide you with a quote for new coverage. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect the life that you’ve worked so hard to build.

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